1986 SMFL Throwback League.
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SMFL League Manual

02.02 - Set Gameplan
-If you are in a play league, you presumably won't be using this tool.
-In Madden 2005 you will have to manually enter playbook settings in Profiles.

This simple form allows you to select playbooks and settings for your team. Gameplans are imported, so you can import the base defense, even those EA removed that from the UI in Madden 2006.

When you save your gameplan, it isn't "submitted' to the commishes. The gameplan cannot be accessed until after the deadline. For this reason, you can change your settings as many times as you like before the deadline. The form is preloaded with the last settings you entered.

Run/Pass Strategy
The smaller the number, the more towards the Run end of the slider you'll be. 21 is all the way to the Run side and 79 is all the way to the Pass side.

The application allows you to set gameplans for future weeks. We use this in my league for GMs that are going to be away during the gameplan deadline.

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